hub88 Partners with TEDxNaperville

Today hub88 is proud to announce a partnership with TEDxNaperville. hub88 is a Naperville non-profit technology center accelerating innovation, education, and entrepreneurship. TEDxNaperville is the premier Chicago area disruptive ideas conference. Both hub88 and TEDxNaperville are dedicated to impacting their communities with events and programs which stretch our thinking and advance creative innovations.

hub88 supports the November 10th, 2018 TEDxNaperville conference and will be a future host of a TEDxNaperville Salon event later in 2019. hub88 is also honored to have Arthur Zards, Executive Director, Founder & Curator of TEDxNaperville, as a hub88 Advisory Board member.

In addition, for 2018, one of the TEDxNaperville event speakers is another of hub88’s Advisory Board members, professor and noted biohacker, Sarah Blossom Ware, Ph.D..

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