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Hub88 TechTalk Compilation – Wow! [Updated]

The Hub88 TechTalks have become a staple of our community outreach and inspiration efforts. Our mission to ignite the next wave of innovation starts with bringing people together and presenting topics and conversation that challenge the limits of  our past experiences with technology and open our minds to new opportunities.

With our inaugural year of Hub88 TechTalks, we’ve brought hundreds of people together to listen, see, and converse with our TechTalk speakers and panels. We’ve furthered our reach with many views on rebroadcasts on the Hub88 YouTube channel. We’ll continue to build this channel so that you can watch and learn from past TechTalks.

The Hub88 TechTalks series is always a free event that makes seemingly deep technical topics accessible to everyone. We’d like to thank the Hub88 programming team for their help in designing and putting on the Hub88 TechTalk series. The programming team is led by Ms. Laurie Swanson, CEO of InspiHER Tech.

Take a look at the breadth of topics and quality of the Hub88 community subject matter experts that continue to inspire us. Stay tuned for more exciting events…


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Going Mainstream!

Anne Y. Lee, Nokia Bell Labs Fellow, electrical engineer, computer scientist.

Insights Into The Drone Explosion!

Craig Robbins, Tech Executive, former commander of Illl.National Guard “drone” fleet.

Fault and Fairness: Navigating Legal Issues of AI, IoT and Emerging Technologies

Reena Bajowala, Partner, Ice Miller Litigation Group

5G Communications: Sooner Than You Think! 

Padma Sudarsan, Nokia 5G Technology & Innovation Lead


The Next Intelligent Species: Computers

Larry Bartoszek – Mechanical Engineer

The Future of the Smart City: Mobility and Connectivity

Jerry Quandt, Exec Dir, Illinois Autonomous Vehicles Assn.

Krystian Gebis,

Shobhit Jain, HERE Technologies

Jochen Renz, New Mobility Consulting

IoT and Your Enterprise: A Framework for Starting the Conversation

James MacLennan, CIO, IDEX Corporation

CyberSecurity: What you need to know to protect your company

Michele Piazza is the Founder, Principal & CXO of MP Global Ventures

Graciela Perera is an Associate Professor at Northeastern Illinois University

Deb Reiter, President, CMIT

FermiLab: Leveraging Our Technology-Rich Community

Cherri Schmidt, Manager, Office of Partnerships and Technology Transfer

Wenji Wu, Principal Network Research Investigator, Network Development Group

Wearable Technology

Lindsay Slutsky , Tech Entrepreneur

Lisa Carrel, CEO, Proxfinity

Victor Mateevitsi, PhD, Wearable Science

How to Podcast

Nancy Munro, President, Verbal Transactions

What Mt. Everest Taught Me About Scaling Tech Startups

Helen Yu, Co-Founder Tigon Advisory

Energy Tech & Innovation-Solutions for Our Future

Dr. John Carlisle, Dir Chain Reaction Innovation, Argonne Natl Labs

Sue Babinec, Program Lead – Grid Storage, Argonne Natl Labs

Julie Blumreiter, Co-Founder and CTO, ClearFlame Engines

Tom Guarr, PhD, Co-Founder and CTO, Jolt Energy Storage Tech

Laurence K. Hayward, Founding Partner, Independence Equity

Steve Johanns, Founder and CEO, Veriown Global Inc 

5G Solutions Conference

Amitava Ghosh, Director of Research, Nokia Bell

Don DeLoach, CEO, Rocket Wagon Ventures

Michael Pegues, CIO, City of Aurora Smart City Initiative

Nathan Greiner, Co-Founder & CTO, DMI LLC

Ryan Walsh, CEO, Valqari

Cory Hohs, Founder and CEO, Haas Alert

Greg Dunn, Partner, Ice Miller LLP

Mark Vitellaro, Dir. Strategic Mrkting Richardson RFPD

BrewTech – Women in Craft Brewing

Erin Hallstrom, Communications expert and Product Manager

Emily Slayton, Co-Owner Skeleton Key Brewery

Lisa Gregor, Owner Church Street Brewing

Raiye Rosado, Co-Founder Rabid Brewing


FoodTech Safety, Nutrition & Sustainability

Brinda Govindarajan – Director of Global Technology at Tate & Lyle

Aidan Mouat – CEO of Hazel Technologies

Thomas Burke – Food Traceability and Safety Scientist, Institute of Food Technology

Marc Asmussen – Central Division Manager at Beyond Meat

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Christine Bedalow – Founder, Talent Conscious and leader of the Planning for Tech Automation Meetup

Saeed Fotovat – Tech Executive/Former CIO, Navigant

Nahel Gandhi – CEO, Ideology

Kathy Martin – Director/Program Manager, Metlife

Ryan Martin – Principal/Intelligent Automation practice, PWC

James Quid – Enterprise Account Exec, Automation Anywhere

Using Blockchain in the Supply Chain

Zach Smolinski, Patent Lawyer, Smolinski Rosario Law, PC, Chicago, IL

Nicola Zingraf Bolton, President, Bolton Consulting LLC 

Sandra Goeken, President/Founder, Go Green LED Alternatives, LLC

Autumn Bizon, Business Process Specialist, Freight Management, Inc.

AR/VR Technology – Putting the Virtual into Virtual Reality While We All Shelter in Place

Nancy Munro, CEO Verbal Transactions

Panelist: Scott Lynch CEO of VOYRE

Clean Tech – Earth, Wind, Fire and Water – Today & Tomorrow

Michele Piazza : Founder & President of MP Global Ventures, LLC

Terrance (Terry) Gallagher– VC partner Mazarine Ventures/ President at Stratefin Consulting

Kenneth Boyce– P.E.Corporate Fellow, William Henry Merrill Society, Principal Engineer  and Director, Energy & Power Technologies, Underwriters Laboratories

Catherine Sheehy– Underwriters Laboratories-Global Lead of Sustainability Partnerships, Environment & Sustainability

Megan A. Moore– Ph.D. Student, Department of Society and Conservation University of Montana

J.Thomas Ranken– Clean Tech Alliance, CEO

High Impact Health Tech for Better Patient Outcomes

Nancy Fallon-Houle, Business, Corporate and Securities Lawyer, Velocity Law.

Gary Conkright, CEO and co-founder of physIQ.

Amanda Schleede, CEO of Vital Circle. Vital Circle is a health technology company committed to stopping the spread of COVID-19 through symptom tracking & contact tracing.

Dr. Tripti Kataria, MD, Dr. Tripti Kataria, medical doctor, board-certified anesthesiologist, physician executive, and certified Medical Affairs professional.

Research, Innovation and Regulation in the Drone Sector

Tom S. Lee, Chair, Hub 88 Drone Interest Group (DIG)

Alpita Shah, Partner, Aviation Law Practice Group, Chico & Nunes

Sharon Rossmark, CEO, Women & Drones

Jacob Reed, Assistant Professor, Lewis University

Geoff Graves, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Valqari, an Illinois-based drone delivery company

Ernest Huffman, Aviation Planning and Education Program Manager, North Central Texas Council of Governments