Drone Interest Group

The DIG’s mission is to engage the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) community to establish an ecosystem engine for our region focused on education, advocacy and commercialization.

Our purpose in service to our members and broader community is to:

  • Advocate for policies and regulations fostering drone innovation
  • Educate the Hub88 community about the latest drone technology, applications, and regulations
  • Network with professionals, students and enthusiasts
  • Test new drone technologies and solutions

The DIG had its official launch announced at the September 2020 Virtual TechTalk – Research, Innovation and Regulation in the Drone Sector, Opportunities and Challenges in Illinois. View event HERE.

Member Amenities:

hub88 Drone Interest Group DIG Membership

  • Member of Drone Interest Group specific committees
  • Member-only Programs/Events/Workshops/Meetups
  • Free/20% Discount – hub88 Programs/Events
  • Access to DIG Newsletters and member contact information
  • Basic Drone Lab access (when available) *

Please join the DIG here. Fees are only $90 per year, $25 for students.

For questions and more info, email here.