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TechTalk- Tech to Safely Welcome Back Your Employees, Customers & Guests

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We CAN feel safe again. Technology from smart badges that do contact tracing to sanitation data collection and touchless screens.

In this month’s Tech Talk we look at what 3 tech solution companies have been doing in response to Covid-19 and the benefits to our long-term health and safety.

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Moderator: Aaron Gelb, Partner at Conn Maciel Carey LLP.

Aaron is a partner at Conn Maciel Carey specializing in OSHA/Employment law. He works with his clients on issues related to inspections, investigations and enforcement actions for better workplace safety.


The TraknProtect platform utilizes a network of BLE/Wi-Fi hubs that continuously gather real-time data from TraknProtect buttons and sensors to triangulate and provide accurate location of those devices. It is used in the hospitality industry for employee safety as well as inventory, room tray, and vendor tracking.

Proxfinity uses Smart Badge tech to take the guesswork out of human interaction. Employees simply slip on their ResCUE smart badge thus allowing businesses to better track and manage COVID-19 disease transmission. With Proxfinity ResCUE, companies can create an intuitive map of person-to-person interaction, how often and when employees came in contact with one another, for what duration of time and at what distance.

Trackit Media is a provides businesses with contactless solutions for their existing business technology. Whether it is a digital display, check-in kiosk, or a reservation system, we can enhance it with our contactless solutions ranging from facial recognition, QR codes, to gesture motion technology. Trackit is being used to allow for contactless check-in at medical facilities among other things.

When: Wed. February 10, 2021 5:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Bring your questions about workplace and customer safety. This session will be interactive!

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